I had a project on Guam requiring over 300 man hours for General Labor and Skilled Laborers. I had a tight completion scheduled and needed experienced, dependable and flexible workers. I explained my needed and requirements to the staff at GuamTemps and they assured me they could take care of my staffing requirements by offering both Skilled and General Laborers. Through the project they were always very accommodating, maintained a high level of communication and were quick to resolve any issues. During the course of the project I ran into a few scheduling issues on my end and the staff and workers were flexible enough to help me get through the interruptions and complete my project on time within budget. I highly recommend GuamTemps for your staffing needs.

Jim Skinner, Skinner Install

To GuamTemps’ elite team: I never thought I would be apart of a company who really takes the extra mile in helping their fellow employees and acknowledging their hard work and commitment. I just wanted to dedicate a shout out to GuamTemps to say Thank You and that I am grateful and appreciative.

Ralph Fejeran

I would like to take this time to say Thank You very much GuamTemps for giving me that opportunity for the recent job I finished at Hilton Resort and I look forward to hearing another opportunity knocking at my door soon. You are all awesome! Thank you for taking your time in assisting all of us in need.

Renee Castro

Thank you GuamTemps for doing some outreach work and coming to my classroom to present on key factors of finding employment. I believe your organization is a great resource for our community.

Rose Munoz

In November 1999, ‘Executive Typing and Employment Service’ hired me, and assigned me to temp at a company called Enron Development Piti, LLC. Seven months later, I was hired as a permanent, full-time employee. I am still, currently employed at the same company going for 15 years now. Thanks for that ‘foot in the door’ opportunity!

Josie Camacho

With the professionalism of the Staff and Management of Guam Temps I was able to be placed as a Temp, and permanent with a great company that services our beautiful island!

Sandy Salas

Guam Temps is a great group. They helped me land an opportunity to work with a professional Construction Firm that continually enhances my work knowledge, skills and safety understanding of the industry. I appreciate how seriously the team addresses and maintains workplace safety.

Benny Crisostomo

Quick, efficient. GuamTemps was very helpful in helping me land the right job–it didn’t take nearly as long as I expected.

Puanani Kalgren

Great experience. I really enjoyed working with GuamTemps and Pacific Waste.

Jenoralyn Crisostomo

The GuamTemps staff is always pleasant in the office. Their customer service is great, not to mention their awesome service when it comes to placing people at jobs.