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How to Minimize Construction Project Turnover

Finding the right people to staff your next construction project can be a challenge. Guam construction staffing is no exception. Your company’s bottom line is counting on you’re ability to not only hire great workers you can rely on, but retaining them for the duration of your project. Maintaining a quality and productive workforce is… Read More »

Overcoming Top Hiring Challenges

With job postings receiving hundreds of applications shortly after being publicized, it would seem that hiring managers would have their pick of several top candidates. Unfortunately, many managers still struggle with finding candidates with the right skills. Hiring managers in smaller locales like Guam can have more difficulties  – especially since relocation isn’t as simple… Read More »

Your Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses: How to Discuss During an Interview

One of the most common job interview questions involves the hiring manager asking you to talk about your biggest strengths and weaknesses. Often there is no “right answer” hiring managers are looking for – instead, it’s seen as an opportunity for them to evaluate candidates on their overall self-awareness and honesty, as well as their… Read More »

What Costs More – Paying Overtime or Hiring Temporary Employees?

Guam employers are subject to following the provisions of the Federal Labor Standards Act, which requires most hourly employees to be paid a 1.5 times higher rate for overtime, or any hours above 40 in a week. If employee overtime becomes excessive, it can cause a significant hit in the company’s budget. When unexpected or… Read More »

How to Discuss Your Past Employment During an Interview

Job interview questions regarding your past employment can be tricky to deal with as a candidate. Discussing the details behind why you left a previous job, whether voluntarily or not, can make you feel uncomfortable or even defensive. Hiring managers generally use this question to gain insight into the type of employee you’re likely to… Read More »

How to Connect With Your Interviewer

Interviews can be intimidating to say the least – as a candidate, your fate at the company in question is in the hands of the hiring manager who is openly judging your qualifications in no uncertain terms. Due to this imbalance in power, it can be difficult for candidates to make personal connections with their… Read More »

Strategies for Onboarding Temporary Employees

The main purpose of bringing on temporary employees is so they can help with short-term business needs that arise. Unfortunately, if a proper onboarding process is not put into place, precious time could be wasted due to these temp workers not being prepared with the knowledge they need to start being productive. Use these tips… Read More »