Meet the Team

Mo Newman President and Founder

President and Founder

A self-starter and entrepreneur at heart, after high school she was hired by one of L.A.’s largest law firms. Working evenings and weekends in direct sales, by the time she was 23 she had earned the position of Regional Sales Manager over the western United States for a national company. She has earned multiple sales and recruiting awards, and has appeared at numerous conferences over the years speaking on topics such as sales and recruiting.

Twenty-six years have passed since Mo first established GuamTemps, but her dedication and commitment to seeing the company provide quality and reliable services with the same core values for honesty and integrity which the business was founded on, continues today. Mo lives with her two rescue dogs and loves quilting.

Jenynne Guzman President

A hard-working and experienced professional, Jenynne is driven by opportunity. She worked full time while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in marketing. Her passion and ‘can-do’ attitude continues to push her desire to meet challenges with opportunities and solutions with the team at GuamTemps.

After college, she began her professional career in marketing and advertising. Her education and experience has given her many valuable opportunities over the years in her career. As a result, Jenynne has had the pleasure of creating lasting relationships with clients and colleagues whom are confident in her abilities both as an employee and as a person because of her outstanding performance and skills.

With going above and beyond her responsibilities being second nature, Jenynne is truly a person to rely on. For this and many other qualities, GuamTemps was eager to have her join the team!

Christie Pangelinan Account Manager

Dedicated to her work ethics, Christie is an open-minded individual whose goal to constantly succeed is never-ending. With a Customer Service background for over 6 years, Christie uses every aspect of her experiences to take that extra mile in helping and assisting others. Learning the different cultures of customers, she had found herself in a fast-paced environment, meeting new people from around the world when she took the position as a Day Guest Agent at a hotel. Then on, she had took up a Customer Service position at a Telecom company where her knowledge expanded more each day. 

Known to come off as an introvert at first, Christie is a fun and energetic person who is self-motivated and is always proving her best to uphold expectations. With her positive attitude and great punctuality, she is a natural fit to the GuamTemps team!


Isabel Gutierrez Recruiter

As a highly motivated individual with a passion for growth and success, Isabel continuously seeks ways to develop and improve her skills. However, her love for self-improvement does not just stop with herself, as her main goal is to help others and be a part of their growth and development. That passion and desire have greatly influenced her career, working in Customer Service for over eight years and dedicating herself to mentoring and coaching high school students for five years. Furthermore, Isabel’s desire to assist others has led her to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and Pre-Physical therapy.
Isabel is eager to use her skills and dedication to supporting the community in her new role as a Recruiter. Her natural passion for being a part of the development and success of individuals lines up precisely with our mission to help businesses and people succeed in the workplace. Her innate talent and sentiment for supporting the community of Guam make her a great asset to the team.
Tamika Ballesta

Tamika Ballesta Recruiter

Continuing her values, Tamika always saw herself working in an environment where she could make those around her feel welcomed and appreciated. Having a background of over 5 years in the customer service industry, she was no stranger to helping others. Tamika has worked in the tourism and education industry among others that involve helping people in the community. After discovering what she wanted to pursue in life, she saw herself being of service. Tamika has received her Associate’s in Human and Family Services and will be pursuing her Bachelor’s in Social Work. Wanting to be a part of someone’s journey to success, led her to the opportunity of being within the recruiting workforce.

 With the mindset to constantly challenge herself to expand her knowledge and skills, Tamika strives to exceed expectations. Her determination and passion alongside having an inviting and friendly personality are her best attributes to her character. Guam Temps is proud to have her as an addition to the team!