About Us

Established in 1988, GuamTemps was the first staffing agency to open its doors, providing job openings and access to jobs hiring on Guam. For over 25 years we have been providing human resources and employment services to both local and internationally based private, public and nonprofit organizations in the Pacific. Light industrial staffing on Guam, and matching top candidates with premier job opportunities is just a small part of what we do.

Mission Statement

At GuamTemps, our goal [mission] is to help people and businesses succeed in the workplace.

Our vision is to be an example of what quality customer service means—always striving to do the right thing.

How We Started

Our story begins with Maureen Newman (President). After moving to the island in 1986 with her family, she began working as a legal secretary for a number of law firms and attorneys on Guam. She quickly gained a reputation within the community as a hardworking, friendly and honest professional whose success was driven by an ability to maintain an unmatched level of quality in her work.

After less than two years of working as a legal secretary on Guam, Maureen’s secretarial services on the island were in demand. In 1987, Maureen decided to meet the demand for her services by taking the time to find someone she could trust to help her complete work assignments while continuing to develop her reputation for quality and reliability. It was this endeavor that ultimately unfolded into an effective strategy and process for finding the right people to get the job done.

By the early 90s, Maureen’s approach to recruiting and hiring had proved successful as she continued to build GuamTemps into the business it is today.

In 2012, the business continued to see growth and develop opportunities as it was passed down a second generation, to Maureen’s son, Tim Shepard.