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Gain the competitive edge and tap into Guam’s job market with leading companies that value your skills, experience and hard work. GuamTemps will help you get there. Whether you’re looking for flexibility in a work schedule or opportunities to make the most of your skills, GuamTemps is backed by nearly three decades of experience and resources to leverage you into a position where you can showcase your abilities and advance your career. With access to our Guam job openings, your new career is right around the corner.

  • Looking for construction job opportunities where you can gain valuable experience and training to jump-start your career?
  • Eager to take on complex financial challenges in a large firm? Or would you like a smaller space where you can see your impact on the bottom line?
  • Are you a take-charge administrative professional who thrives in a small office – one where you can be involved in all facets of daily operations? Or would you rather work in a large enterprise where you can broadcast your abilities?

GuamTemps takes the time to understand what you’re looking for in order to match you with opportunities that don’t just match your skills, but fit your lifestyle. Take a look at our current job vacancies and job listings on Guam:

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