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Building a Long-Term Relationship with a Recruiting Partner

Hiring needs can be unpredictable, while also requiring a quick turnaround to keep productivity on track. Although having an ongoing pool of candidates to choose from would be the optimal solution, hiring managers typically don’t have the time to devote to creating and maintaining such a pipeline. Having a trusted recruiting partner on hand who… Read More »

Avoid Employee Burnout

High performing employees are typically the result of a complex balance between skill, temperament, and motivation. External circumstances can have a great deal of influence on performance, which would explain the situation of top employees suddenly showing a drastic decline in productivity and morale. The most likely culprit tends to be burnout. Even the highest… Read More »

Are You Suffering from High Turnover Rates?

A dreaded but unfortunately common scenario for hiring managers: carefully selecting a candidate who expresses enthusiasm for the position and seemingly has all the right qualifications…only to have them leave within a relatively short period of time. High turnover rates can negatively affect morale and productivity, not to mention the costs associated with hiring and… Read More »

Overcoming Top Hiring Challenges

With job postings receiving hundreds of applications shortly after being publicized, it would seem that hiring managers would have their pick of several top candidates. Unfortunately, many managers still struggle with finding candidates with the right skills. Hiring managers in smaller locales like Guam can have more difficulties  – especially since relocation isn’t as simple… Read More »

Is Temporary Staffing the Right Solution for Your Company?

Temporary staffing is growing in popularity with employers throughout various industries. Although there is a misconception that temporary employees are only of use for non-skilled labor, staffing firms also place candidates for more specialized and high-ranking positions. Temporary staffing is also flexible time-wise, and can be of use for vacation or sick day coverage, as… Read More »

The Benefits of Hiring for Personality

Technical skills and work experience are an important part of the candidate selection process, but for a hire to be a long-lasting fit, their personality needs to fit with the company culture. Hiring for personality rather than focusing solely on qualifications doesn’t mean only going for the most charming candidates – it means narrowing down… Read More »

What Costs More – Paying Overtime or Hiring Temporary Employees?

Guam employers are subject to following the provisions of the Federal Labor Standards Act, which requires most hourly employees to be paid a 1.5 times higher rate for overtime, or any hours above 40 in a week. If employee overtime becomes excessive, it can cause a significant hit in the company’s budget. When unexpected or… Read More »

Strategies to Prepare Your Team for Temporary Employees

Temporary employees can help employers maintain productivity, even in times of changing circumstances. Whether you need extra workers to handle a short-term influx in business or provide coverage for employees’ vacations or sick time, temporary employees are a flexible option. However, integrating temporary employees with your current staff can have its own challenges. Use these… Read More »

Evaluating a Candidate’s Work Ethic During an Interview

It’s the scenario every hiring manager dreads: a candidate gives a great interview, but ends up being unmotivated and giving a lackluster performance once hired. There are a variety of skills, both technical and soft, that hiring managers need to look for during the interview process, but inevitably work ethic (or lack thereof) is likely… Read More »

Strategies for Onboarding Temporary Employees

The main purpose of bringing on temporary employees is so they can help with short-term business needs that arise. Unfortunately, if a proper onboarding process is not put into place, precious time could be wasted due to these temp workers not being prepared with the knowledge they need to start being productive. Use these tips… Read More »