Job Seekers, Make Great First Impression

Applying for a job opportunity is about more than showing up, asking for an application and walking back out. When you walk into an office to apply, be prepared. Many job seekers tend to overlook the significance of a first impression, which will make or break your chances of being hired. Follow these simple tips to make a great first impression and land the job that you want.

Be Prepared

Impress your prospective hiring managers by being prepared. Many companies require certain documents that you will need to turn in before you are selected for hire. Call ahead of time and inquire about how their process works and what documents are required of candidates. This instills the employer with a sense of comfort about your attitude and approach. Should you be selected for a position, they will know that you are well-prepared and ready to start anytime. Don’t make your future employer question whether you’re ready for the job or not, show them by your preparedness that you’re an easy hire.


How you first present yourself should set you apart from other candidates. Giving a firm handshake and making eye contact with whom you’re speaking is a must. Let them know what kind of work you’re interested in and those which you are not. It will make the process smooth when the hiring managers is assisting you with more information on available positions. When applicants are given an application to fill out, it is best to fill it out in person. This way, if you have any questions or if you don’t understand a certain question on the form, the front desk representative can help assist you promptly. Try not to rush when filling out an application, it’s not a race.

Be Interview Ready

It is best for job seekers to always be prepared when you walk in to apply for a job. Some employers may even ask if you’re ready for an interview on the spot. For this reason it is best that you arrive dressed professionally and appropriately, have all needed documents ready, and a good idea of the kinds of questions you will be asked. Make a good impression by setting up the tone for an interview between yourself and potential employer.

Regardless of the type of job or company, always treat every employer as if they are a top-notch pick for your future. Make sure to research the company you’re applying with and show your potential employer just how serious you are about working with them. This helps you to prepare yourself to get familiarized with the staff and environment that you might be working with. Always be confident, never hesitant. Be open-minded, never narrow-minded. For information on how you can learn to prepare yourself when seeking for a job, please contact GuamTemps today.

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