How to Minimize Construction Project Turnover

Finding the right people to staff your next construction project can be a challenge. Guam construction staffing is no exception. Your company’s bottom line is counting on you’re ability to not only hire great workers you can rely on, but retaining them for the duration of your project. Maintaining a quality and productive workforce is crucial to the success of the job, as well as nurturing a positive and productive culture. Follow our tips to keep your team and project running smoothly.

  • Recognize Performance
  • When someone on your staff does something extraordinary, be sure to let them know. Everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work and studies show that recognition is the number one thing that keeps employees happy in the workplace. Show your team how much you care by spending time giving positive feedback—even a quick gesture or a few positive words in front of the rest of your team can go a long way towards showing your appreciation.

  • Build an Enticing Workplace Culture
  • While we can’t always increase the wages of our workforce, we can always work to improve the conditions in which their work is taking place. Be creative. Schedule gatherings for a quick snack and reprieve or a place where workers can enjoy their break time with relaxing and interesting accommodations. The key here is to foster a culture of positive energy and work flow where workers are able to feel more included in sharing ideas and solutions for the project and how to stay on target.

  • Reward Good Work Ethic
  • Establishing a program so that workers can measure and track their job performance goes a long way. Help your workforce increase productivity by providing your team with resources and tools to see how their work compares to others and most importantly, whether or not their work is meeting or exceeding the standards and expectations of management and leadership.

    The cost of turnover is high. Retaining your workers is much cheaper than going through the process of finding and hiring replacements. Keep your best people around by keeping them happy, especially in the construction industry. For more information and tips on how to hire and retain top performers for your upcoming construction project on Guam, contact GuamTemps today.

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