Five Ways Temporary Jobs Can Help You

The word ‘temporary’ sometimes has a bad ring to it, but when it comes to temporary work there are some advantages that you just might benefit from. When looking for a job, security and stability are ideal, but there may come a time in your career when you have to weigh out some of the other options. Temporary work could be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s why!

  1. Temporary jobs give you flexibility when you need it.

As opposed to traditional positions, most temporary jobs last from between one or two weeks to up to several months at a time. Being able to take on temporary jobs and only work when you want to gives you control over the time you spend at work. This allows you time to do other things like take classes, pursue training/seminars, go on vacation, or to tackle special projects or other personal aspirations. For some, making a career out of working temporary jobs allows them the freedom to start and stop work in line with their personal endeavors, something that they would not have in most traditional positions.

  1. Temporary jobs give you opportunities to showcase your skills.

You might not have the qualifications to land a job at a prestigious company you have your eye on, but temporary positions just might be the foot in the door you need. Companies may work with staffing agencies when they have needs that are time-sensitive and need people to begin work right away. This means that they will sometimes work with temporary employees who may not otherwise meet the normal qualifications for their permanent positions. This gives temporary employees a shot at showcasing their talents for a company that could lead to future work opportunities. An individual with limited general labor experience but excellent work ethic, for example, can capitalize on a temporary position when their good performance can help lead them to a future job offer.

  1. They help you further your variety of skills.

Temporary jobs can help you learn new skills in positions you might not otherwise be able to obtain so easily. Working in different temporary jobs gives you a chance to learn different industries, services, and systems that can benefit you in the long run. Acquiring a breadth of skills in different areas can be appealing to potential employers as it increases the odds that you have experience relatable to their job vacancies. When used strategically, some have found that working temporary jobs to acquire new skills has helped them prepare for a career change.

  1. They help to fill the unemployment gap in your work history.

Since being unemployed for an extended period is a common red flag for most employers, taking temporary positions helps fill in the gap that would otherwise be a concern on your resume. While you’re otherwise hard at work trying to land your next dream job, working temporary positions show prospective employers that you are remaining active during your period of unemployment. By seeking what opportunities are available to you and furthering your skill set with every chance you are given, you illustrate your productivity and career consciousness. Using temporary positions to add some variety to your work history can show prospective employers that you’re versatile and opportunistic.

  1. Temporary jobs don’t last forever.

That might seem like a bad thing, but for job seekers who are interested in gaining experience and trying new things, temporary jobs give them opportunities to try different positions and industries without the long term commitment. Not sure if a construction is right for you? Temporary positions in construction can give you hands-on experience that can help you figure out where you want your career path to lead, without the commitment. At the same time, if the shoe fits, companies often hire temporary workers who perform well to transition into their permanent positions.

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  1. Derek Dewitt

    I like your point about how temporary jobs help you learn new skills. I have been switching jobs a lot lately because I really like the variety. I think having a lot of different experience and tools can help you stand out when finding a dream job down the road.


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