The Five Building Blocks of Employee Appreciation

When it comes to employee engagement, a job that gives an employee a sense of purpose leads to the most fulfillment. Gone are the days when employees showed up to work motivated merely by the reward of a pay check. These days, employees want to feel recognized, understood, and valued for what they can contribute. Employees who lack a sense of purpose may also be lacking the drive and motivation needed to put their best efforts into meeting organizational needs. Taking a more mindful approach to employee appreciation will help you to focus less on things like employee of the month programs and bonuses, and more on increasing personal interaction and other management practices that really make the difference. Use the 5 concepts below to build the kind of company culture your organization needs to succeed.

Dedicate Time

Take time to interact with your employees. Say thank you face to face for a job well done and give praise and compliments where they are due. Make it a priority to take a personal approach when commending work that deserves to be recognized, and encourage all members of management to do the same .Set aside time in management meetings to discuss performance, and bring up any work that needs to be recognized. Pass on the positive feedback you receive from others by sitting with your employees and letting them know what they did that deserves recognition. Make time in staff meetings to congratulate employees on successfully meeting challenges and accomplishments. In an era where face to face communication and handwritten notes are rare, stop by and say thank you or leave a thank you note. Prioritizing more time for recognition shows your employees that they are valued for the hard work they do.

Take A Personal Approach

Taking a sincere and personal interest in your employees shows them that you appreciate them not only for the work that they do, but that you value them as a person as well. Show interest in them personally and that you understand that they have lives outside of work. Regularly checking in with them will help you to be more aware of their stress levels and workload. If pressure is building, it can lead to resentment and frustration, but offering your help to figure out a workable route to meeting goals will show that you recognize and understand their challenges and that you are supportive in times of struggle.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Nothing encourages behavior quite like positive reinforcement. Show employees exactly what it takes to succeed by recognizing those instances where they went above and beyond the call of duty. Pinpointing examples of behavior that leads to success will make it very clear what employees should aim for. Friendly notes, comment cards, or online reviews are great when customers want to praise the outstanding service they received from an employee, but being commended by management for a job well done gives employees a source of motivation and encouragement that can’t be substituted.

Build Trust

Base communication with employees on results and goals, and give your employees the autonomy to figure out how to get the job done. This empowers your employees with the confidence to be bold and innovative and also communicates your confidence and trust in them. The freedom to be creative combined with the support of a leader is a sure method for communicating the value of your employee as an individual who can bring something of worth to the table.

Coach, Teach, & Mentor

Taking on the role of coach, teacher, and mentor allows you to create an ongoing conversation with your employees that is based on encouragement, growth, and learning. Approaching performance feedback as a chance to show your employees ways to become better at what they do will help you to encourage the development of the skills needed to succeed. Exemplifying the values and work ethics you want to encourage by leading by example gives your employees both something to model themselves after and a mentor who can share their strategies for success.

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