Interviewing Your Interviewer: How to Tell if a Job is Right For You

Taking advantage of the chance to ask your interviewer questions and knowing the right questions to ask could make the difference between accepting your dream job and accepting a position that looked great on the surface but turned out to be far from what you imagined. The difference between what we perceive a job to be like and what it actually is like day to day can be significant when job descriptions and company websites offer limited information. Asking your interviewer the right questions can help narrow this gap and allow you to make a more informed decision if a job offer is made. Here are a few key strategies and suggestions that can give you great insight and help you decide whether or not your next job offer is really the right one for you.

If you really want to know what it’s like working for a company, who better to ask than the employees? Asking someone who knows firsthand what it’s like will give you unrivaled insight. Ask questions like “What do you like most about your job?” “What do you like most about working for this company?” or, “Why would you recommend this company as an employer to friends?” All of these answers can give you valuable information that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Getting a good grasp of what may be expected of the position itself will also help you make that important decision should a job be offered down the line. Asking questions such as “What have you done to be successful here?” or “What do successful managers do here that contribute most to their success” will help. The answer to these questions will give you a good look at what the values of the company are, what the company culture is like, and ultimately, what it’s going to take to do well within the organization, overall. If these are in line with your own professional values and work ethics, then chances for a successful job match are in your favor.

What the actual day to day experience will be like will be hard to assume. Asking questions like “What are the company’s goals for this position?” will help you gauge the workload of the position and whether there will be an increasing amount of responsibilities over time. Asking if there is going to be room for growth in this position will give you an idea as well of whether or not there are possible opportunities for advancement. The answer to “What would you like to see someone in this position accomplish in the next year” can also be a good indicator of what it’s really going to take to meet the business’ goals in this position.

If you want to know the worst case scenario of what to expect from the job, ask about it’s challenges. This should give you a pretty accurate picture of the difficulties, struggles, and somewhat of the ‘cons’ of being in the position. Being able to evaluate what obstacles must be overcome will minimize any surprises you will have to deal with and at the same time you can get a better picture of the less glamorous, and maybe less likable aspects of the job. Knowing what you are going to have to rise above in the job will help you decide if you are up for the challenge, or if you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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