Four Operational Costs Staffing Agencies Can Help Your Business Reduce

Staffing agencies are dedicated to recruiting and hiring talent for businesses. Utilizing this service provides a variety of benefits from eliminating the time-consuming hassle of searching for the right person for a position to processing payroll. Relying on a reputable and experienced staffing partner can increase your business’ productivity in many ways. Here are 4 costs that staffing agencies can help reduce and possibly eliminate.


Staffing agencies can fill positions with people who have the right skills and experience for the job, minimizing the time it takes to train them. This means you get a qualified employee who is ready to get the job done. Less hours spent training equals increased productivity.


With the new Department of Labor ruling on overtime, the number of employees who will be exempt from overtime wages is decreasing. That means overall wages paid for overtime may be increasing. By working with a staffing agency to hire extra employees when there is an increase in work, extra projects, or more demand for your product or services, you can reduce and potentially eliminate overtime hours by hiring the extra staff you need to get the job done.


From job advertisements to background checks, staffing agencies are able to handle the entire recruiting process with a high level of efficiency that some businesses may not have. Using a staffing agency to fill any position, from temporary to permanent, allows your business to focus on its products and services while your hiring needs are met with expertise in as timely a manner as possible.

Employee Benefits

When you have an employee from a staffing agency, you don’t have to pay for benefits you may normally have to pay for other employees. Benefits such as medical and dental insurance costs are normally paid by staffing agencies, when offered, or by the employee themselves. Paid vacation, sick leave, temporary disability and Worker’s Compensation insurance are all costs that staffing agencies incur that will reduce your costs of hiring the staff you need.

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