Can a staffing agency help you with your job search?

Many job seekers aren’t sure what to expect when considering working with a staffing agency and may pass on some great opportunities. There are many benefits to working with a staffing agency. Why might working with GuamTemps benefit you? Check out our top reasons, below:

We are constantly networking.

Staffing agencies work with many clients, and this number is always growing. GuamTemps has a dedicated team working to find new job opportunities for its jobseekers every day. Through various job fairs, expos, and involvement in different associations such as Society for Human Resource Management, Guam Young Professionals, Guam Chamber of Commerce, and Guam Contractor’s Association just to name a few, we are always capitalizing on networking opportunities.

Successful assignments lead to increased contacts and positive recommendations.

Doing well on temporary assignments not only results in good work experience, it also leads to positive recommendations of your work and more people who have witnessed your abilities. The best indicator of performance is first-hand knowledge. Many clients request to work with exemplary employees multiple times and may offer them jobs or recommend them to others for employment after working side by side on an assignment with us.

Staffing affords flexibility other jobs can’t offer.

Temporary assignments allow job seekers who are not able to commit to permanent employment a chance to work while they can, and have time off when they need it. We are proud to work with members of the military reserves who sometimes prefer to work for shorter periods of time between their orders/deployments, as well as individuals who may only be available for a certain amount for any variety of reasons, such as students, or those in-between jobs.

Some opportunities can’t be found anywhere else.

Companies sometimes go through staffing agencies to fill positions for them, thereby taking most of the work off of their shoulders. That means that some job openings are not publicized and are available only through the staffing agency itself. Many companies come to GuamTemps when they have work on Guam, but operate based in the U.S. Mainland. We provide staffing for projects like these, of all sizes, that are available exclusively through us.

Temporary job opportunities may lead to permanent employment.

Many of our employees have been successfully placed on a temporary job and performed well enough that they were offered permanent employment by the company they were assigned at. Many companies prefer to work with an employee for a period of time before permanently employing them. Working with GuamTemps gives them that ability and we can then pass the opportunity on to our job seekers.

Our Recruiters work to tailor your professional goals to an opportunity that’s right for you!

A Recruiter’s top priority is to find the best possible people for the positions they fill. They do this by taking into consideration your professional goals, preferences, and workstyle. So rest assured a good match will be the main goal!

Wondering what kind of opportunities may be available for you? Contact our office for more information!  As a staffing firm that provides candidates for hundreds of local employers on Guam, GuamTemps can give you access to unlisted opportunities for various industries. Learn more about our job-seeker services and apply today.

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