Soft Skills Employers Look For

In addition to technical qualifications, employers are increasingly using soft skills requirements to identify job applicants with the highest probability of success with their organization. Closely associated with EQ, or Emotional Intelligence Quotient, the identification of soft skills helps employers determine an individual’s manner of relating to others. Choosing candidates who embody some of these skills can help ensure a good return on their investment of time and training when hiring.

What will your attitude be toward difficult customers? Do you let stressful situations get the best of you? Can you maintain productivity when there is a conflict and are you conscientious enough to try to resolve that conflict? Soft skills are abilities that are not easily quantifiable as hard skills are, like computer software knowledge, typing speed, or plumbing and electrical knowledge, but they are often included on job descriptions. You will likely run into some of the skills below on your next job search.

Communication Skills

You need not be able to write poetry or submit any research papers at your next job, but you will need to be able to speak well enough to communicate clearly and efficiently with customers, your teammates, and superiors. It is also important that you have the ability to transfer this skill into written form, as majority of inter-office communication now takes place via email, chat, and text not to mention possibly needing to write memos, new policies, or presentations. Learning to speak and write well is worth the time and energy investment. It will not only increase efficiency in your work, but it will increase efficiency in working with others as well.

Collaboration and Flexibility

Everyone loves a team player, and when it comes to employers this is a must! Employers want to know that you are versatile enough to shift priorities when needs change, that you know how to change roles to meet the needs of the team as a whole, and that you generally can get along well with others. Being a team player means the success of the organization is your top priority and that is always a desirable trait!

Problem Solving

Employers need people to join them who can not only handle what the job requires, but who can help improve the process when obstacles come their way. Any Supervisor or Manager has multiple people coming to them with issues, concerns, and problems from customers or clients or hiccups in the system. If you want to be known as a valuable member of the team, learn how fix problems before you present them to your superiors, so when you do have something to bring up, you also have a well thought out suggestion to make with a plan of action standing by.

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