Four Questions to Ask When You Receive a Job Offer

Receiving a job offer can be exciting, especially since you’re seeing all of your effort pay off. However, it is important to not get so caught up in the moment that you agree to a job offer without fully thinking it through. If the job ends up not being right for you, it will be a waste of both your and the employer’s time. Take the time to make the right decision and ask these four questions when you receive a job offer:

  1. What are the details of the position’s compensation?

Make sure you are crystal clear on the salary, pay structure, overtime pay, bonuses, benefits package, and any other perks. Examine them thoroughly and review the calculations to make sure you are satisfied. For example, you may be excited about the higher base salary, but find out that the benefits package is lacking to the point where you’ll be taking a pay cut instead.

  1. What schedule will I be expected to work?

Some companies are flexible with hours, while others are strict. It’s essential to clarify beforehand what your typical schedule will be, and whether or not there is any flexibility so you can balance it with any personal obligations. Inquire about how much paid time off the company offers and if it is feasible for you.

  1. What is the desired start date?

Before you accept a job offer, you should have a clear understanding of how quickly the potential employer wants you to start. If you are currently employed or need to relocate, you may need a longer waiting period before you can start. Most employers will understand and accept that you need two weeks, so a demand for an immediate start date that you’re not ready for may be a red flag.

  1. When do you need an answer?

During the job offer period, there should be mutual respect for one another’s time. While the employer should be willing to allow you time to think over the offer, you should make a decision in a timely manner. In the event you turn down the offer, this gives them time to follow up with other candidates. Ensure you are on the same page with the timetable for your decision by asking when they need an answer.

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