Should You Hire a Candidate Lacking Experience?

The amount of experience a candidate has is often the deciding factor for hiring decisions; however, experience isn’t necessarily indicative of success if hired. Skills can be sharpened and company processes can be taught, but the right attitude cannot. Taking a chance on a candidate with potential, as opposed to direct experience can pay off if they have the personal traits required for success at your company. Learn more about the value of hiring a candidate who may lack experience, but wants to learn:

More Willing to Learn Your Way

Sometimes having previous experience can be detrimental because candidates may be stuck in their ways or have picked up some bad habits along the way. Think of candidates without experience as blank slates: You can teach them the way your company does things, without having to worry about pushback regarding how they’ve always done it in the past.

Provides a Fresh Perspective

The beauty of a candidate without experience is they are approaching your workplace with a fresh perspective. They may notice areas you didn’t realize needed improvements or may come up with great ideas that a more experienced person may never have thought of. Plus, hiring candidates who lack experience may help you organically create a more diverse and innovative workplace where a variety of viewpoints are represented – without even trying!

Eager to Prove Themselves

When you hire a candidate without experience, they may make up for lacking specific skills by being extra motivated to learn and thus, more engaged. Engagement is the internal motivation that makes an employee personally fulfilled by working hard and what separates mediocre employees from ones that go above and beyond. A candidate with the right attitude and willingness to learn is likely to be more engaged than a more polished and experienced candidate who won’t have as much to prove.

More Loyal to Your Organization

When you bring on someone without experience, you get the opportunity to have a significant amount of their professional growth occur within your company. It won’t be as easy for them to job hunt, but there is a more key reason why inexperienced candidates are easier to be retained – loyalty to your company. When you take a chance on people and provide a foot in the door, they will likely stay with your organization so you’ll get to reap the benefits of the skills they master.

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