Tell Me About Yourself

When hiring managers open the interview with, “Tell me about yourself,” you may find yourself stumped as to the appropriate answer to such a seemingly simple inquiry. The key to answering this question effectively is to prepare ahead of time to determine what the hiring manager actually wants to learn about you and pare down the unnecessary personal details. Answer “Tell me about yourself” confidently by following these steps:

Brainstorm Your Top Traits

When you’re telling an interviewer about yourself, focus on communicating what makes you a standout candidate. Show, don’t tell – think about your top traits (such as being motivated or self-sufficient) and include details that objectively demonstrate them (such as having been promoted quickly in the past). Also, research the company and the position itself to narrow down your most relevant personal details.

Provide a Brief Career History

The hiring manager is interested in you as a person, but the most important aspect they are looking for is whether or not you’re the right candidate for the position. Skip over personal details, such as where you’re from or what you’re interested in, and summarize your career history. Start by stating your most recent position, and then backtrack to briefly discuss what you did prior; only include experience that is relevant to the job for which you’re applying.

Squeeze in a Notable Accomplishment

It’s not impressive enough to simply list your previous job titles or responsibilities; the hiring manager wants to know how you performed in these roles. If you were a high achiever in a previous role, it’s more likely you’ll be a superstar for them. As you describe your career history, include results or other objective accomplishments (such as, “I was a customer service representative, where I had the highest satisfaction rating in the department”).

Communicate What You Want to Do Next

Finish your answer by briefly discussing your future goals and what you could bring to the job in question. Show your interest in the position (such as what drew you to apply and how it aligns with your professional advancement), but avoid being too self-serving. The point of the interview is to prove that you would be of value to the company if hired, not what you’ll get out of being hired. Conclude with a concise one- to two-sentence explanation of why you’d be a good fit.

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