Resume Writing to Highlight Temporary Jobs

Temporary work is becoming more common across industries and levels of experience, so it is not generally viewed as a negative aspect against candidates. However, temporary work does pose some challenges when it comes to how to properly communicate it within the confines of a standard resume template. Check out these tips for resume writing to highlight temporary jobs:

Make It Clear

Prevent inadvertently misrepresenting your temporary jobs on your resume and making it look like you were leaving multiple jobs within short timeframes by giving them proper titles and formatting. Describe them on your resume by providing the name of the company for which you worked and include (Temporary) or list the name of the staffing firm as your employer and include the company names within your descriptive bullet points.

Group Assignments

If you worked several temporary jobs for multiple companies, make it more concise and easier for hiring managers reading your resume by grouping assignments based on timeframe or type of work under the work experience section. For example, if you worked a seeming hodgepodge of different unrelated temporary jobs in a set timeframe, you could put them as separate bullet points under the header of the staffing firm. If your temporary jobs were all similar, you could list each company separately.

Focus on Relevant Skills

Your resume is intended to be a piece that markets your qualifications to hiring managers for a particular job – it doesn’t have to have every detail of your work history. Include only the skills from your temporary jobs that are most relevant to the specific job posting. Even at a quick glance, hiring managers will see that you’re qualified, rather than having to read through a comprehensive list of unrelated experience to determine if you have the right skill set.

Showcase Your Accomplishments

Use your temporary jobs to impress hiring managers by writing about the results you were able to achieve in such a short time period. Rather than only listing your responsibilities, elaborate on any accomplishments. For instance, a temporary job in payroll looks a lot more impressive on a resume if you include the fact that you had an excellent accuracy rate.

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