Team-Building Activities to Help Your Workforce Improve Productivity

Successful workplaces require the cooperation of many people with different skill sets, roles, and personalities. However, the diversity that makes organizations operate effectively can also be prone to conflicts or miscommunication that hinder results and prevent innovation. Cultivate collaboration among your employees with these team-building activities to help your workforce improve productivity:

Sharing a Learning Experience

Professional development and/or training as a group can be a helpful way to establish a foundation of workplace collaboration. This could include webinars, lunch-and-learn informational sessions, or just discussing a news article or blog. It breaks up the monotony of the average workday and puts employees in a situation in which they are engaged in industry-related topics and motivated to brainstorm together about how to implement what they’ve learned.

Nonwork Conversation

Socializing in an informal manner about personal topics of interest helps employees get to know each other better, which can foster the trust necessary for effective teamwork. The more your team gets along with one another, the more likely it is that they will want to help one another out and do their part. Encourage breaks for casual chatting, and resist the temptation to break up personal conversations if they aren’t affecting immediate priorities.

Community Service

Contributing to a charitable organization together in the workplace can build your team without them even realizing it. For instance, planning a donation drive or fundraiser requires many of the same collaborative skills as a workplace project. Plus, it improves morale when employees see their employer wanting to make a positive difference to the community. They’ll view your organization as a place they want to work for, and strive to work more productively out of a sense of loyalty.

Friendly Competition

Whether it’s physical sports or other games/puzzles, leisure team competitive activities can inject some fun into the workplace while improving collaborative skills in a low-pressure environment. Your employees can learn about one another’s personalities in a teamwork setting and what type of communication styles and processes they respond to best. This information can then be applied in the workplace to make team projects more efficient.

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