Four Things Interviewers Want Every Candidate to Know

Job interviews tend to cause anxiety for job seekers because of all of the unknowns regarding what hiring managers are looking for and how they are being perceived in terms of qualifications, personality, and professionalism. Before preparing for your next interview, check out these four things interviews want every candidate to know:

  1. Avoid Rehearsed Answers

Interviews aren’t a test in which hiring managers are looking for the “right” answers – they are intended to provide insight into candidates’ qualifications and whether or not they’d be a good fit for the organization. Interviewers want you to give well-thought-out, but honest answers. If you’re just saying what you think interviewers want to hear, you are missing out on the chance to ensure an opportunity is a mutually beneficial fit for the long term.

  1. Ask Questions

When interviewers ask candidates if they have any questions, they aren’t doing so just to be courteous. A hiring manager can learn a lot about how seriously the candidate takes the opportunity by the type of questions they ask. Not having any questions can make you seem disinterested, while self-serving questions (such as about benefits or vacation time) can work against you. Interviewers want candidates to ask questions about the role or company to show they’ve prepared for the interview and they want to ensure they are a good fit.

  1. Personality Counts

Qualifications like education and work experience are what get you the chance to interview, but interviewers meet with candidates face to face partly to determine if their personality as a whole will fit in well with company culture. Interviews aren’t intended to be popularity contests where only the most charming candidates are picked; however, it is important to act genuinely and be yourself. Certain personality traits align with specific workplaces better than others, so showing your personality can give you an edge even over more technically qualified candidates whose personalities are a mismatch with the job.

  1. Enthusiasm is Influential

Interviewers want to hire someone who seems to really desire the job. Candidates who are enthusiastic during interviews tend to be more likely to be motivated and engaged in their performances once hired. Don’t play it too cool – if you’re excited about the opportunity, express it in a professional way that communicates how you being hired would benefit the company, not just yourself.

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