Soft Skills to Look for When Hiring Top Talent

Soft skills are personal proficiencies that are challenging to assess, but are often a bigger predictor for employees’ long-term success than hard skills, or technical expertise. And while you can train workers to obtain hard skills, soft skills must typically be personally cultivated by the employees themselves. Look for these soft skills when hiring top talent:


No matter how autonomous the specific position, the ability to collaborate and work well with others without conflict is essential for any organization. An employee’s talent and skills can’t be utilized to help propel the company mission unless they are able to effectively work with others to put plans into motion. Every employee plays an integral part in a team setting, and top talent recognizes and respects that without letting ego get in the way.


Great ideas or specific expertise will need to be explained to others within the company, making communication skills of the utmost importance. Both written and verbal communication is necessary in order to share one’s knowledge and provide leadership and other employees at least a baseline understanding, particularly for highly technical positions.  Innovation can’t occur if employees who are experts in certain subjects can’t convey their points to others.


Managers can take steps to communicate performance expectations, but ultimately employees are responsible for their own internal sense of motivation. An employee that is only motivated by external factors (such as not getting disciplined) will likely not have the work ethic and proactive nature of an employee that is self-motivated and driven to succeed on their own accord.

Time Management

Unfortunately, talent and intelligence can be wasted if employees aren’t able to be organized, stick to deadlines, and juggle competing priorities. Even if time management doesn’t come naturally to them, employees should have cultivated a system that works best for them and helps them to apply their contributions to the company’s goals and timetable.

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