Make a Lasting Impression on Your Temporary Assignment

Temporary assignments may be short term, but they can have long-lasting results if you approach the opportunities strategically. You can gain valuable experience that may help you with your job search or even wind up with an eventual offer from the company for which you temped – if you aim to impress. Make the most of your temporary assignments by taking these steps to start and finish your assignments on the best note possible:

Treat it with Respect

Just because a temporary assignment isn’t a steady job doesn’t mean you can neglect the basic aspects of professionalism. Show up on time dressed according to the dress code, and with an appropriate and motivated attitude and work ethic. Essentially, treat temporary assignments in the same manner as if it were a full-time permanent job that you don’t want to lose.


Get Involved

Your job as a temporary employee is to fill a missing need for the company, so make yourself as indispensable as possible. Take initiative and ask how you can help.  When a task needs to be done and volunteers are solicited, be the first one to raise your hand. If you gain a reputation as a valuable contributor, this could lead to you being top-of-mind for future opportunities at the company.


Talk to People

How well a person fits into company culture is a significant deciding factor in how successful they’ll be at the organization. Take effort to observe the culture of the company you’re temping for – such as how employees interact and how processes are handled. Once you feel like you have an idea of the culture, start getting to know your co-workers and managers. Not only will you gain valuable insight, you could form networking relationships that may result in a job opportunity down the road.  


Have a Positive Attitude

People can typically see if you’re faking enthusiasm and just going through the motions at a job. The more you engage and get personal fulfillment out of a temporary assignment, the more likely it is that you’ll be motivated to give your all – and enjoy it. So focus on what you’re gaining, such as the chance to learn new skills and make yourself marketable to future employers, and the positivity will shine through in your performance.
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