Do Staffing Firms Charge?

The hiring process can take up a lot of time, which many employers simply can’t spare. Many employers turn to staffing firms to provide them candidates for their available positions. Staffing firms consistently build up their pool of qualified candidates, so they can be a useful resource for job seekers trying to find new opportunities. A common myth about staffing firms is that they charge job seekers, but that is actually false. Learn more about some of the myths about staffing firm charges and how the process will really work with a reputable firm:

  • Registration

When you first decide to work with a staffing firm, you will typically be required to register with them so your information is in their system before you can apply for jobs or have staffing specialists come to you with opportunities they think would be a good match. There should be no upfront cost to register with a staffing firm – if you find you are required to provide payment before you can register with a staffing firm, there is a very good chance that it is either a scam or a different type of service than a staffing firm.

  • Consulting

Staffing firms may provide basic services to make you more marketable to employers, such as tips on improving your resume. However, staffing firms are actually hired and paid by the clients they serve and their main priority is to fill those positions with the best candidate. If you look like a good fit, the firm will reach out to you.

  • Placement

The myth of staffing firms charging may be due to the confusion about the fees they receive for placing candidates into available jobs for their clients. It is a common practice for staffing firms to charge their employer clients a certain percentage over the hourly pay rate for the temporary workers they place, which covers the administrative and service costs provided to the employer by the staffing firm. Any placement or finders’ fees are charged to the client, not the candidate. Always keep in mind: Although candidates are benefiting in terms of receiving a job through a staffing firm, the employer is the one receiving a service, not you, so it should be free of charge to you.

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