Didn’t Get the Job?

So many factors of job searching are out of your hands, from the settings of online applicant tracking software to hiring managers’ decision-making timeframes. Rather than dwelling on what you can’t control as a job seeker, focus your attention on the most important factor: the job interview. A great resume gets you a chance, while a great interview gets you an offer. If you didn’t get the job, use these tips to assess your interview performance so you can improve for the future:

Cover the Basics

Think back to your actions before, during, and after the interview itself. Did you slack on any of the interview best practices? Make a list of what actions you took, such as any interactions before the interview (such as a phone call or email), your interview attire, and how you followed up after the interview. Also think of any awkward instances that came up during the interview – for example, did you not have something that was requested (such as a copy of your resume). Determine the most obvious areas that went wrong, and come up with preventative actions for next time.

Think Like an Employer

The key to improving your interview strategy is to consider the hiring manager’s mindset more than your own. After an unsuccessful interview, review the job description and think about the types of questions that were asked. This can help you see a connection and determine what the interviewer was trying to learn about you, which will allow you to prepare more persuasive answers for your next interview.

Practice Mock Interviews

Presenting yourself well in job interviews is a skill, and as with any skill, practice makes perfect. Before your next interview, sit down with a partner and conduct a mock interview with common questions you’re likely to be asked. If you get anxiety during interviews that makes you tongue-tied, practicing can help you speak more naturally. You could even videotape the interaction to see if your body language or verbal tics need improvement.

Develop a New Prep Strategy

Recall what preparation steps you took before your last unsuccessful job interview. Brainstorm what you skipped out on or additional steps you could take. For instance, if you only skimmed the company’s website, next time you could dig deeper and check out recent press clippings so you have valuable insight you can use to tailor your answers. Come up with an “elevator pitch” (a short, two to three sentence persuasive speech) to have top-of-mind that includes the benefits of hiring you, with specific reasons utilizing information you learned about the company.

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