Avoid Employee Burnout

High performing employees are typically the result of a complex balance between skill, temperament, and motivation. External circumstances can have a great deal of influence on performance, which would explain the situation of top employees suddenly showing a drastic decline in productivity and morale. The most likely culprit tends to be burnout. Even the highest achievers can reach a point of stress and overwork that leads them to stop caring as much. Keep your team happy by taking these steps to avoid employee burnout.

Communicate Expectations

Employees may experience burnout from taking on too heavy of a workload or because they feel frustrated by not knowing where their priorities should be. The underlying issue is essentially lack of communication. Prevent burnout by being transparent about your expectations regarding performance, including specific timelines and how success is measured. Opening the channels of communication can go both ways, and give your employees a voice to help you delegate work more effectively.

Provide Challenges

Performing the same responsibilities day-in and day-out can result in top talent losing that spark of passion they once had. Help break up the monotony and keep their skills and engagement levels sharp by allowing them the opportunity to take on projects they are interested in.

Encourage Downtime

A strong work ethic is a desirable trait in employees, but if the quest goes too far, the mental and physical fatigue will inevitably catch up to them and lead to burnout. Even if an employee is in dire need of a break, they may be hesitant to take time away in fear of not seeming like a hard worker. Alleviate these concerns by reassuring employees that they should be taking their scheduled breaks and any earned vacation time.

Stay Positive

Employees spend a significant amount of their time in the workplace, so it’s understandable that a negative atmosphere could eventually affect their attitude. Model the type of workplace morale you’d like for your workers – be supportive by soliciting feedback and answering questions, show you value their contributions by complimenting jobs well done, and handle stressful workplace situations in a positive, solution-orientated manner.

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