Are You Suffering from High Turnover Rates?

A dreaded but unfortunately common scenario for hiring managers: carefully selecting a candidate who expresses enthusiasm for the position and seemingly has all the right qualifications…only to have them leave within a relatively short period of time. High turnover rates can negatively affect morale and productivity, not to mention the costs associated with hiring and training replacements. Evaluate your hiring process to reduce high turnover rates using these key steps:

Look for an Overall Fit

A basic misstep when making hiring decisions is to place the most emphasis on technical aptitude instead of personal attitude. While hiring shouldn’t be a popularity contest, it is essential to hire candidates who fit into your company’s culture. The most talented professional likely won’t be a good hire if they crave autonomy and your company has a culture of teamwork and collaboration, for instance. Include personality traits as part of the criteria for evaluating candidates, to reduce the risk of turnover.

Focus on Results

If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, ensure your interview questions don’t focus too much on “What if” scenarios, in which you ask candidates what they will do if hired. Imaginary scenarios don’t provide as much insight as their past behavior. When developing your interview strategy, form your questions with the intent of getting the candidate to elaborate on specific achievements or examples from their previous work experience. This will help separate the smooth talkers who may leave shortly after hired (voluntarily or not) from the candidates who actually have a history of producing results.

Don’t Rush to Make Decisions

When you’re understaffed and productivity and morale are suffering, it is understandable to want to fill open positions as quickly as possible; however, making too quick of a decision can lead to bringing the wrong candidates on. Rushed hiring decisions can ultimately result in turnover and lead to the vicious cycle of hiring replacements. If you’re feeling the pressure of work piling up while you’re looking for candidates, consider utilizing temporary employees to fill in the gaps until you can find candidates you’re enthusiastic about – and not ones for which you’re just settling.

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