Your First Interview with a Staffing Firm: What You Need to Know

When interviewing with a staffing firm for the first time, you may not know what to expect as compared to a direct interview with an employer. While the process of job placement is a more collaborative effort between the candidate and staffing firm than a single job interview, it is still equally important to present yourself in the best manner possible. Check out these essential steps to take before your first interview with a staffing firm:

Research Beforehand

You wouldn’t show up to an interview for a position at a company without knowing basic information about it, would you? Treat a staffing firm interview the same way and make sure you take the time to look up key facts about the company before the interview, such as its history, services offered, and more. It shows that you respect the opportunity and take it seriously.

Be Prepared

Show up to your staffing firm interview ready to get the process started. Bring along extra copies of your resume, a pen and paper to take notes, identification, and any other requested items with you. Not being prepared can make you appear irresponsible and as though you don’t pay attention to important details—definitely not something you want a potential employer to think about you! Demonstrate that you’ll be a good employee by being as prepared for the staffing firm interview as you would your first day on an assignment.

Maintain a Positive, Respectful Attitude

Treat everyone you encounter with courtesy and respect, not just the person with whom you’ll be interviewing. There have been instances where candidates have been passed over for job opportunities because although they were professional during their interviews, they were rude to receptionists and assistants outside. Basic manners can go a long way in making you an appealing candidate – greet people warmly, give them your undivided attention, and show your appreciation for the interview by thanking them after.

Dress Professionally

The same dress code for job interviews applies for your interview at a staffing firm. Even if your line of work is casual, you should still take the time to dress professionally for the interview. This doesn’t necessarily mean a fancy suit – clean and pressed slacks and a dress shirt can make the difference. Avoid shorts or jeans and ill-fitting, revealing, or wrinkled clothing. When in doubt, take a look at the dress code of the staffing firm beforehand and go by that.

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