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Are You Suffering from High Turnover Rates?

A dreaded but unfortunately common scenario for hiring managers: carefully selecting a candidate who expresses enthusiasm for the position and seemingly has all the right qualifications…only to have them leave within a relatively short period of time. High turnover rates can negatively affect morale and productivity, not to mention the costs associated with hiring and… Read More »

Strategies to Prepare Your Team for Temporary Employees

Temporary employees can help employers maintain productivity, even in times of changing circumstances. Whether you need extra workers to handle a short-term influx in business or provide coverage for employees’ vacations or sick time, temporary employees are a flexible option. However, integrating temporary employees with your current staff can have its own challenges. Use these… Read More »

What Are Temporary Employees Looking For?

As temporary employment becomes more common, the quality of candidates continues to improve.  Many candidates and job seekers now see the value in short-term assignments as an integral part of career growth and development. Most hiring managers who include temporary workers as part of their personnel strategies know that motivated and skilled temp workers can… Read More »