Job Search Tips: Don’t Make These Mistakes

If job seekers are devoting the effort it takes to be successful, searching for a job can be a time-consuming activity. Unfortunately, many job seekers don’t experience a return on their hard work because they make mistakes during the process that prevents them from finding the best job opportunities, or even worse,  they apply and… Read More »

Resume Tips for Light Industrial Candidates

Resume advice and best practices are so often tailored toward office or other professional jobs that candidates in other career fields, such as light industrial, may not know how to approach their resumes (or even if they need one at all.) A resume is essentially a document in which to “sell yourself” to hiring managers… Read More »

Strategies for Onboarding Temporary Employees

The main purpose of bringing on temporary employees is so they can help with short-term business needs that arise. Unfortunately, if a proper onboarding process is not put into place, precious time could be wasted due to these temp workers not being prepared with the knowledge they need to start being productive. Use these tips… Read More »

Does Your Company Culture Attract Candidates?

Company culture is the overall experience for employees in a workplace on a daily basis – essentially, what it’s like to work there as opposed to another organization. Every company has a different atmosphere that can either draw in candidates and create long-standing employees, or result in lackluster applicants and high turnover. Attract the top… Read More »

Looking for Work Experience? Consider Temporary Opportunities

Most job seekers tend to focus the majority of their efforts on finding full-time employment, without really considering temporary employment. Employers are increasingly including temporary assignments as part of their overall staffing strategy, especially when the need or budget isn’t quite enough to call for permanent employees. If you’re looking for work experience, temporary opportunities… Read More »

Your First Interview with a Staffing Firm: What You Need to Know

When interviewing with a staffing firm for the first time, you may not know what to expect as compared to a direct interview with an employer. While the process of job placement is a more collaborative effort between the candidate and staffing firm than a single job interview, it is still equally important to present… Read More »

What Are Temporary Employees Looking For?

As temporary employment becomes more common, the quality of candidates continues to improve.  Many candidates and job seekers now see the value in short-term assignments as an integral part of career growth and development. Most hiring managers who include temporary workers as part of their personnel strategies know that motivated and skilled temp workers can… Read More »

Why Smart Staffing Boosts Business

Staffing firms create jobs. If you’re a job seeker, you can find flexibility in work schedules, additional income, training, as well as opportunities to leverage experience and skills for permanent positions that fit your lifestyle. If you’re business owner or responsible for handling HR at your company, working with a staffing firm can help you… Read More »

Effective Hiring Key for Guam Businesses

Imagine your business operations running smoothly, without delay. Imagine losing a key employee in your company and yet, knowing with confidence that all is well and that everything will continue running smoothly. Sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to. Whether large or small, owners and managers of successful businesses operate not only… Read More »