Improve Workplace Happiness

Job satisfaction is an essential key for a productive organization. While managers juggle various high-priority responsibilities, measures to boost morale can be seen as minor and not as pressing. Workers who aren’t happy don’t tend to perform as well because they lack engagement that fuels the drive to succeed. Improve workplace happiness in your team… Read More »

Making Temporary Employees Part of the Team

Temporary employees play an important role in seasonal or other short-term business needs, but they can often feel separated from and less important than other permanent employees. Although temporary employees aren’t there to stay, taking the time to make them feel welcomed in the manner as you onboard other employees (such as trying to get… Read More »

Didn’t Get the Job?

So many factors of job searching are out of your hands, from the settings of online applicant tracking software to hiring managers’ decision-making timeframes. Rather than dwelling on what you can’t control as a job seeker, focus your attention on the most important factor: the job interview. A great resume gets you a chance, while… Read More »

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

The circumstances behind parting ways with an employer can be multi-faceted, and often have at least some tinges of negativity. It can be hard to approach the subject diplomatically, especially if you have strong feelings about the situation; therefore, it is essential to have a response prepared prior to a job interview. Hiring managers typically… Read More »

Building a Long-Term Relationship with a Recruiting Partner

Hiring needs can be unpredictable, while also requiring a quick turnaround to keep productivity on track. Although having an ongoing pool of candidates to choose from would be the optimal solution, hiring managers typically don’t have the time to devote to creating and maintaining such a pipeline. Having a trusted recruiting partner on hand who… Read More »

Avoid Employee Burnout

High performing employees are typically the result of a complex balance between skill, temperament, and motivation. External circumstances can have a great deal of influence on performance, which would explain the situation of top employees suddenly showing a drastic decline in productivity and morale. The most likely culprit tends to be burnout. Even the highest… Read More »

Resume Writing: Include Keywords to Stand Out from Your Competition

As a job seeker in the midst of an extensive search, sometimes it can feel like you’re submitting resumes that drop into a black hole. While this is a bit hyperbolic, the sentiment actually isn’t too far off  – research has shown that hiring managers on average spend just seconds initially scanning resumes. Another scenario… Read More »

Are You Suffering from High Turnover Rates?

A dreaded but unfortunately common scenario for hiring managers: carefully selecting a candidate who expresses enthusiasm for the position and seemingly has all the right qualifications…only to have them leave within a relatively short period of time. High turnover rates can negatively affect morale and productivity, not to mention the costs associated with hiring and… Read More »

Don’t Make These Common Interview Mistakes!

Interviews are an opportunity for hiring managers to see if candidates measure up to the image they created via their resumes, and to determine how well they’d fit in at their companies. As a job hunter, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and that chance is quick – nearly half… Read More »

Unemployment is Dropping!

After a rough few years, job seekers on Guam can celebrate in knowing that unemployment has dropped to around 7.4 percent from rates of 14 percent in 2013 – and is projected to continuing improving. By the end of 2014, there had been over 500 jobs added on Guam in the year, according to the… Read More »