Is Your Slow Hiring Process Costing You Top Talent?

Rushed hiring processes can lead to bad hires, but an overly slow process can be equally as detrimental by causing you to miss out on high-quality candidates who simply won’t wait around. With 42 percent of hiring managers reporting job listings that have remained unfilled after over 12 weeks, according to a CareerBuilder survey, that’s… Read More »

6 Red Flags to Watch for During an Interview

The interview is such an integral part of the hiring process because it provides the opportunity to see a more comprehensive picture of the candidates behind the resume and cover letter – and unfortunately, that picture isn’t always pretty. Anyone who has experienced a bad hire will generally look back and realize that all the… Read More »

The Importance of Starting and Ending Your Temporary Assignment on a Good Note

Temporary work can be beneficial to helping you make progress on your overall career goals. However, the short-term nature of temporary assignments can lead to the inaccurate notion that they don’t deserve the same amount of respect as full-time steady jobs. Learn more about the importance of starting and ending your temporary assignment on a… Read More »

Do Staffing Firms Charge?

The hiring process can take up a lot of time, which many employers simply can’t spare. Many employers turn to staffing firms to provide them candidates for their available positions. Staffing firms consistently build up their pool of qualified candidates, so they can be a useful resource for job seekers trying to find new opportunities.… Read More »

Making Safety a Workplace Priority

The major benefit of hiring temporary workers is their ability to be brought in quickly to provide extra support during times of high demand. But just because temps aren’t staying for a long-term duration doesn’t mean that their safety training should be treated any differently than if they were a permanent hire. Learn more about… Read More »

Evaluating Passion During an Interview

Many factors get candidates in the door of your company, but passion is often what makes them stay and be successful. Candidates who have passion, even if they are lacking some technical proficiencies, are more likely to be engaged and productive, and less prone to burnout. Their personal drive is what keeps them motivated, rather… Read More »

Advice Hiring Managers Want Job Seekers to Know

Searching for a job is a process that requires navigating through a lot of unspoken rules. Job seekers and hiring managers have two different sets of needs, so it’s important to bridge that gap if you want to get the job. See things from the hiring manager’s perspective to improve your job search – check… Read More »

Workplace Communication

Miscommunication in the workplace wastes time, money, and causes unnecessary conflict. A work environment that focuses on establishing clear expectations and providing honest (but helpful) feedback will be rewarded with a variety of benefits. Learn why putting forth the effort to create professional openness can benefit your workplace.   It Facilitates Trust Distrust in the… Read More »

Make a Great Impression on Your First Day

No matter how long you’ve been in the professional world, the first day of a new job can be a little scary. While you never know exactly what to expect, there are universal ways to put your best foot forward and start your new job off on a positive note. Check out these tips for… Read More »

What to Do After Accepting a Job Offer

Once you’ve nailed the interview and been extended a job offer, it may seem like most of the work is behind you. However, the steps you take after accepting a job offer can set the tone for a successful start at your new place of employment. Ensure you’re as prepared as possible by checking these… Read More »