Managing Millennial Employees

There is no standard management approach that is effective for all generations – upbringing plays a major role in shaping how employees view the workplace. As millennials, typically classified as those born between 1980 and 2000, rise up in the ranks in the workforce, managers will need to take their generational differences into consideration in order to maximize their performance and motivation. Learn more about effectively managing millennial employees with these tips:

Bigger Picture Mentality

Millennials generally grew up being encouraged to ask questions and learn, so millennial employees are more likely to be curious about where their specific duties fit into an overall process or objective. To get them motivated to perform, focus on providing context for how their tasks will play a part in accomplishing a company goal.

Need for Feedback

Technology and the accompanying instant gratification and access to information may play a part in many millennial employees’ need for updates, especially on their own performances. An annual review isn’t likely to keep millennials as motivated as consistent feedback. Consider scheduling regular check-ins to provide guidance and to reassure them that you’re indeed satisfied with their performances.

Desire for Purpose

While most employees are more engaged with jobs in which they feel like they are contributing to the greater good, this tends to be especially true for millennial employees. This generation was brought up with a message that they could make a difference in the world. Utilize this desire for purpose by communicating how their roles are helping the organization, customers, etc.

Aversion for Micromanagement

Millennial employees are likely to have been raised with messages from parents and teachers that they should be themselves and can do anything they put their minds to – making them dislike being told the exact processes they should use to achieve specific end results. Provide clear expectations on the results you’d like to see, but be flexible with the methods they use in order to get the most out of your millennial workers.

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