How to Prepare the Night Before an Interview

Job interviews are your chance to seal the deal with hiring managers by putting a face and personality to your resume credentials. Since first impressions are so important in interviews, preparation is the key to making sure you don’t slip up and make interview mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Learn how to prepare the night before an interview with these tips:

Research the Company

Review the company website, social media profiles, press releases, and the job description. Being able to refer to specific information about the company during the interview can make you a stronger candidate. You’ll have more persuasive answers, show your enthusiasm, and demonstrate that you take the opportunity seriously.

Prepare Key Points

Decide ahead of time what the most important things are for the hiring manager to learn about you during the interview. Don’t create rehearsed answers that you read verbatim – simply prepare your key points so you can reflexively provide strong responses, even if you’re nervous.

Write Out Questions

Be ready with thoughtful, genuine questions to ask the interviewer. Asking questions shows that you have an interest in the particular job itself, rather than just any old job. Write out questions that help you learn more about the company and its goals for the position, and avoid self-serving questions about time off, benefits, etc.

Select Your Attire  

Make a professional first impression by picking out appropriate clothing. Opt for a few steps above what you would wear for the job itself. Stick to neutral colors to avoid distracting from your answers. Ensure that your outfit is clean and pressed – even the fanciest designer suit can look unprofessional if it’s wrinkled.

Plan Your Route

Take precautions to avoid being late to the interview. Verify the address of the company and directions to get there, as well as an estimated travel time. Give yourself an extra 15- to 20-minute buffer for travel time to account for unexpected circumstances, and plan to arrive to the interview approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

Pack Supplies

Gather the necessary materials you may need for your interview. This includes a notepad and pen, extra copies of your resume, or a portfolio of samples (if relevant). You may not need them, but being prepared will give you peace of mind just in case.

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