Four Reasons Temporary Employees Fail (and How to Overcome Them!)

Temporary employees can be a flexible solution to your staffing needs by allowing you extra coverage only when you need it. Their short employment duration can make temporary employees more susceptible to workplace and management challenges. Be proactive and get the most out of your temporary employees by learning the reasons temporary employees fail and how you can overcome them:

Lack of Specialized Onboarding

Many temporary employees are left to “sink or swim” and not given enough upfront training and company information. Since permanent staff can more easily learn as they go, the same onboarding process used for them likely won’t be sufficient for temps who are expected to acclimate and contribute more quickly. Prepare an onboarding process tailored to temporary employees to help them quickly gain the relevant information they need to produce.  

Unclear Goals

Temporary employees can fail when their roles and the company’s expectations are not communicated clearly. Discuss precisely what temporary employees’ responsibilities are, as well as what goals you expect them to accomplish and how they will be measured. Providing temporary employees detailed explanations will prevent them from floundering aimlessly and being unproductive or attempting tasks that are outside of their scope of responsibilities.

Unwelcoming Company Culture

Current staff members may not necessarily treat temporary employees in the same manner as other new hires. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as looking down on temps, being suspicious about how temps may affect their own job status, or just simply not knowing how to interact with them. This can affect temporary employees’ performance because of a lack of collaboration or reduced engagement since they feel unwelcome. Talk to your current staff regarding temporary employees’ roles, and your expectations about their working relationship with temporary employees and what won’t be tolerated.

Lack of Feedback

Temporary employees are just like any other employees – they require positive reinforcement for the things they are doing right, and constructive criticism and guidance for areas that need improvement. If you don’t provide them with evaluations on how they are performing, they will likely assume that you are completely satisfied or simply don’t care. Develop a feedback system for temporary workers – even an informal chat is enough to guide them.

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