How to Prepare for Your First Interview with a Recruiter

The process of working with a recruiter is a bit different than a traditional job interview with a hiring manager. Recruiters want to gain insight into you as an overall candidate to determine what types of positions you’d be the best match for, while hiring managers only focus on evaluating you for one particular job. Prepare for your first interview with a recruiter by being ready to discuss the following topics:

Your Objectives

Interviews with a recruiter can be a bit more direct than the standard interview with a hiring manager. In order for a recruiter to be able to place you in a job that is the best fit, determine what your objectives are and be ready to communicate them. Be honest – whatever your personal objectives, there’s likely a position that will align with them. For instance, if you’re trying to prevent resume gaps while searching for a permanent job, your recruiter can match you with temporary assignments.

Your Qualifications

Just like with any interview, be ready to show why you would be an asset if hired – as well as what you could offer that other candidates couldn’t. Think about your personal background, skill set, interests, and traits, and be ready to clearly express them to the recruiter. Don’t have a canned, rehearsed answer – just know the main point you want to convey so you’re not caught off guard and unable to communicate it effectively to the recruiter.

Your Availability

Recruiters usually have temporary assignments with set end dates, as well as ones that may pop up with little notice. It’s important to disclose your availability to your recruiter so they can match you accordingly. Be prepared to discuss your schedule and how much advanced notice you need. While being flexible is highly regarded, it’s better to be honest about any potential scheduling conflicts than to say that you’re open to anything, just to later turn down offers because of availability.

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