Making Safety a Workplace Priority

The major benefit of hiring temporary workers is their ability to be brought in quickly to provide extra support during times of high demand. But just because temps aren’t staying for a long-term duration doesn’t mean that their safety training should be treated any differently than if they were a permanent hire. Learn more about the benefits of making safety a workplace priority when hiring and onboarding temporary workers:

  • It Educates on Specific Workplace Procedures

Even if a temp has significant experience in your company’s industry, each workplace has its own set of procedures that are unique to their own equipment, processes, and physical setup. Taking the time to train your temps on the safety routines of your workplace, such as the protocol for handling a broken machine or how to report/escalate incidents, will prevent your temp from needing to make judgment calls that could have serious consequences.

  • It Helps Improve Productivity

Communicating safety rules and regulations to your temp employees doesn’t waste valuable time – in fact, the upfront investment can actually make them more productive going forward. If temps don’t know about workplace safety guidelines, they may not work as quickly because they aren’t comfortable, could make errors that require time to fix and prevent business as usual, or could even lead to injuries that cause them or other workers to be absent from work and leave you understaffed.

  • It Saves the Company Money

Beyond the ethical needs to keep any employees on your premises out of harm’s way, making safety a workplace priority and devoting time to train your temporary employees just makes good business sense in terms of the bottom line. Accidents in the workplace can be expensive. From damaging equipment, fines for not following federal safety regulations, or healthcare expenditures for covering injuries, the monetary expenses of an unsafe work environment can also hurt your budget.

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