Workplace Communication

Miscommunication in the workplace wastes time, money, and causes unnecessary conflict. A work environment that focuses on establishing clear expectations and providing honest (but helpful) feedback will be rewarded with a variety of benefits. Learn why putting forth the effort to create professional openness can benefit your workplace.


It Facilitates Trust

Distrust in the workplace often occurs when information is withheld by those in higher positions of power. It creates a gap between management and employees that widens with every instance of withholding relevant knowledge. By being more transparent, managers can make themselves more accessible to their employees, which builds trust. A trustworthy relationship between leadership and workers helps improve the entire workplace morale, boost levels of engagement, and reduce rates of turnover. The positive, trusting relationship between managers and employees may even be a selling point to attract top candidates.


It Fosters Teamwork

Collaboration is the key to company success in the short term for productivity and the long term for innovation. Essentially, organizations can’t achieve their goals without a group of employees who can bring their areas of expertise and combine them together to create the desired results. Management can set a positive example for employees to model by communicating clearly and including as many details as possible when making requests, and practicing conflict resolution by having discussions to get to the root of issues, instead of making assumptions or ignoring the problem.


It Resolve Issues More Effectively

Often, there is a breakdown in the efficiency of workflow processes because there is a lack of communication between employees or departments involved. A company that has a culture that is open to both giving and receiving feedback and trying to improve is likely to be rewarded with more successful performance. Managers can approach performance issues by providing clear goals, along with guidance on how to achieve them. By also being open to receiving feedback, they can find out if employees don’t have the tools they need to succeed or if they are being forced to waste valuable time because of existing inefficiencies in company policy.


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