Make a Great Impression on Your First Day

No matter how long you’ve been in the professional world, the first day of a new job can be a little scary. While you never know exactly what to expect, there are universal ways to put your best foot forward and start your new job off on a positive note. Check out these tips for making a great impression on your first day.

Be Prepared

Take the same steps that you took to prepare for your interview for your first day. Look the part and be dressed to impress in a professional outfit. Practice your commute before your first day so you’re able to be punctual and arrive 10-to-15 minutes early. These may seem like small details, but they contribute to the immediate snap judgments people form of you. Plus, you’ll be less distracted if you aren’t starting out in a flurry of stress by running late.

Show Interest in Others

In an attempt to ensure you’re taken seriously and your new colleagues know you’re qualified for the job, you may be tempted to “sell yourself” and talk about your accomplishments. This can be misguided and make you come across arrogant. Instead, use every opportunity to try to get to know your new co-workers. Smile, introduce yourself to everyone you come across, and ask them questions about themselves. You have plenty of time to prove your worth through your accomplishments down the road – in the meantime, focus on forming these key relationships.

Be Proactive

Don’t sit around and wait for your people to come to you – instead, take initiative and make a first impression as a go-getter, instead of a passive worker. Ask your new boss what they would like you to start on. Talk to your colleagues to learn about the company culture. This shows that you’re excited about the opportunity, and are ready to learn and become acclimated.


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