What to Do After Accepting a Job Offer

Once you’ve nailed the interview and been extended a job offer, it may seem like most of the work is behind you. However, the steps you take after accepting a job offer can set the tone for a successful start at your new place of employment. Ensure you’re as prepared as possible by checking these steps off your list after accepting a job offer:

Stay in Touch

Don’t disappear after receiving a job offer. Once you tell your recruiter “yes!” to the offer, be prepared to go back and forth finalizing the specifics of the offer and asking and answering questions. It is important to be as responsive as possible and stay within an agreed upon time frame. Going silent or taking too long to respond could set a negative tone to the start of your working relationship and could make you seem unreliable, especially if you end up holding up the process. Be honest about how long it will take you to perform requested actions and stick to it – this demonstrates that you respect the hiring manager and recruiter’s time and take the opportunity seriously.

Determine First Day Details

Job offers generally consist of an overview of your expectations and responsibilities, but there are finer details you’ll need to know to prepare to start on your first day. Knowing exactly what day and time should you start, whether there are any probationary periods, or even what you should wear or items you should bring with you, will prepare you for day one without any last-minute panicking. Ask your recruiter to describe what to expect the first day, such as where to go and who you should ask for, along with the itinerary and how much training you’ll receive before beginning work.

Tie Up Loose Ends

Work with your recruiter to create a list of “loose ends” or transitional factors you need to take care of before you can get started at your new job. On your end, this may consist of putting in notice at a current job. For the recruiter, this may include administrative tasks, such as any forms you need to complete or any employer informational materials you need to peruse.


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