Overcoming Top Hiring Challenges

With job postings receiving hundreds of applications shortly after being publicized, it would seem that hiring managers would have their pick of several top candidates. Unfortunately, many managers still struggle with finding candidates with the right skills. Hiring managers in smaller locales like Guam can have more difficulties  – especially since relocation isn’t as simple for island-based positions. Learn how to overcome top hiring challenges and get the best Guam-based candidates.

Skills Gap

One of the top issues facing hiring managers is the difficulty in getting candidates with the skills required to get the job done. This skills gap can occur both in those new to the workforce – whose educational programs did not teach them relevant skills – and workers with years of experience, but who never received on the job training in new technology or other in-demand emerging skills.

Overcome the challenge of skills gap by evaluating candidates on their transferrable skills and potential to learn on the job. The methodology of “hire for personality, train for skill” empowers hiring managers to circumvent the job market that leaves candidates lacking the skills needed in the workplace.


Extending an official offer to a candidate and getting them in the door and hired doesn’t mean the challenge of hiring is over. In fact, employee retention may be even more important than the actual hiring – bad hires, or those that leave within a year or so, can cost tens of thousands of dollars in replacement expenses and lost productivity. A significant amount of bad hires can likely be traced to the hiring process, in which candidates were selected by skills only and not on their overall fit with company culture.

Overcome the challenge of retention by evaluating candidates on both skills/experience and personality traits that fit in with the overall atmosphere and workflow of the organization.


Attracting top candidates can be a major struggle for companies, especially in more in-demand fields where workers have numerous options. Standing out from your competitors and getting the attention of candidates as a place they’d like to work for is essential. Top talent is more likely to be attracted to places with a distinctive culture.

Overcome the challenge of recruiting top talent by branding your company to potential candidates and communicating your mission and the positives of working there. Utilize each point of contact, from your company website to each job description, to convey your company culture (such as the type of people who succeed or values of the organization).

Each organization may have its own unique challenges when it comes to hiring – overcome yours by teaming up with staffing firm GuamTemps. Since 1988, GuamTemps has collaborated with hundreds of local employers to provide them with the top qualified candidates that fit their specific staffing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our employer services.

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