Is Temporary Staffing the Right Solution for Your Company?

Temporary staffing is growing in popularity with employers throughout various industries. Although there is a misconception that temporary employees are only of use for non-skilled labor, staffing firms also place candidates for more specialized and high-ranking positions. Temporary staffing is also flexible time-wise, and can be of use for vacation or sick day coverage, as well as projects or seasonal demand. Consider these factors to determine if temporary staffing is the right solution for your company.


If you need to cut costs, temporary staffing can be an option. Using a staffing firm to hire workers saves money in multiple ways. It cuts down on your hiring costs, such as advertising and training, since the firm will handle that for a flat rate. Temporary staffing also reduces employee-related expenses because you won’t need to provide benefits or even handle payroll.


Hiring temporary workers through a staffing firm will likely yield a much quicker turnaround than doing it in house. Firms build candidate pools on an ongoing basis, and can provide you with workers as soon as you need them. If you’re in a time-crunch or simply don’t have the availability to take on the hiring process, temporary staffing may be a solution.


The longer your company is understaffed, the bigger the risk of lost opportunity costs due to reduced productivity. If your current team is understaffed – such as from sick or vacation time or vacant positions, temporary staffing can help you maintain your productivity until you determine a longer-term solution.


Seasonal business demand can make it challenging to determine the optimal amount of staffing throughout the year. If your company has cyclic demand, or even a sudden unexpected increase, temporary staffing ensures that you only pay for the labor that aligns with current demand.

Work with a temporary staffing firm that you can trust to keep your best interests in mind and provide you with top talent. Since 1992, GuamTemps has been a leading source of temporary staffing solutions for hundreds of clients on Guam. We strive to collaborate with our clients to fully understand their needs and only match them with the most qualified candidates. Contact GuamTemps today to learn more about our temporary staffing solutions.

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