The Benefits of Hiring for Personality

Technical skills and work experience are an important part of the candidate selection process, but for a hire to be a long-lasting fit, their personality needs to fit with the company culture. Hiring for personality rather than focusing solely on qualifications doesn’t mean only going for the most charming candidates – it means narrowing down the personality traits required to be successful in your company and the job itself, and then evaluating candidates on that criteria. Learn more about the benefits of hiring for personality:


You can train for skills, but attitude has little hope of being changed. Hiring someone whose personality is a good fit can provide you more flexibility in teaching them how to handle tasks the way the company prefers. In some instances, hiring someone with lots of experience may backfire because they may be reluctant to do things differently than in the past.


Talent is not necessarily an indicator of performance – in fact, passion for the job is often a better predictor than proficient skills but a lackluster attitude. A person who is excited about the opportunity to work with your company is more likely to be able to self-motivate and go above and beyond because they truly desire to.


Even the most autonomous of jobs likely requires at least some occasional collaboration. The ability to work effectively with your current staff is essential for ensuring the most optimal outcome. Personality conflicts are a waste of the energy and time needed to solve interpersonal issues. Hiring a candidate whose personality will not be a negative distraction can help keep productivity on track.

Lower Turnover

A 2012 study by Leadership IQ, a leadership development organization, measured the success of new hires over three years and found that in 89 percent of the cases of bad hires, it was due to differences in attitude rather than lacking in skills. Hiring for personality is mutually beneficial for employers and candidates. If a person doesn’t fit into the company culture, they are likely to be unhappy with the position and be looking for a new job within a short time. Reduce the costs associated with employee turnover by making personality evaluation an overall part of your hiring process.

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