Strategies to Prepare Your Team for Temporary Employees

Temporary employees can help employers maintain productivity, even in times of changing circumstances. Whether you need extra workers to handle a short-term influx in business or provide coverage for employees’ vacations or sick time, temporary employees are a flexible option. However, integrating temporary employees with your current staff can have its own challenges. Use these strategies to prepare your team for temporary employees:

Focus on Goals

Talk to your team about what types of goals the temporary employees will be helping your company accomplish, whether short or long term. Essentially, what is good for your company’s performance is good for your employees because it promotes job security and growth.

Provide Reassurance

A major issue that can come up when introducing the topic of temporary employees to your current staff is fear that their jobs are at risk. Current workers may understandably be wary that they could be replaced by their temporary counterparts as part of a cost-cutting initiative. Clarify to your team that temporary workers are supplemental to alleviate concerns.

Outline Duties

The short-term nature of temporary employees’ stay at your company can create confusion on how their tasks will align with your current team’s responsibilities. Detail what exactly the temporary employees will be doing, who will train them, and who they will be reporting to.

Communicate Expectations

There have been instances in which temporary workers are not treated with respect because they are viewed as inferior or not “real” employees. Make it clear what management will and will not tolerate in terms of how the temporary employees are treated, and encourage your team to act as mentors and socialize with them.

Ask for Feedback

Open the lines of communication between you and your current staff to determine how effective your strategies are for bringing temporary employees to the team. This can help you develop solutions to issues you may not have anticipated and ensure that the next time you hire short-term workers, it goes better.


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